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Nubian Empire Ski Club Inc

       Who Says We Don't?




Welcome to our Nubian Village. 

In our village we welcome an abundance of powdered snow, blue skies and sunshine. We welcome fresh mountain air blowing in our faces as we conquer the beautiful tree line slopes of God's Country.  

We Welcome You!




Yes, We Do Ski!

The Nubian Empire Ski Club Inc. owes its existence to Phil Littlejohn, a professional ski instructor and a lifetime member of Jersey Ski Club. For several years, Littlejohn approached members of the African American community in the Capital District, promoting participation in Winter sports and dispelling the myth that "Black folks don't ski."  A few of us finally decided to listen and give it a try ... And we loved it! 

Our Story

In August 2001, we chose Nubian Empire Ski Club as our name and became incorporated in October of the same year with 15 members.  We applied for membership in the National Brotherhood of Skiers in November 2001 and obtained full membership status in March 2004.
To date, we have more than 50 members who are loving the winters in upstate New York.  During ski season, we ski many of the mountains in New York and other New England states.  NESC has participated in ski summits and spring fests in Canada, Colorado, Vermont, Maine and the French Alps.  We also have a Youth Development Program, whose goal is to introduce our youth to winter sports.  
NESC members have fun during the summer months too, participating in golf, bike rides, camping, bus trips, the NBS Summer Fest in Florida and more.

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The Nubian Empire Ski Club Inc. is committed to the promotion of winter sports and other seasonal sports activities within the African American communities in the New York Capital District and surrounding areas.

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PO Box 13911, Albany, NY 12212


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